ATM on the market at more than 20 years, is a company that develops its activity by integrating products and certified quality services and adopting the most advanced technologies to the specific needs of each client and each market, always valuing knowledge and expectations of its customers.
With an attentive and committed leadership, ATM SIS has responded to the challenges of a highly competitive market, where productivity, competence, and strategic vision are the pillars of its success.
ATM SIS has a special vocation for major national projects involving the design, installation, and maintenance of information systems throughout the country, with vast solutions installed in over 600 sites, which allows economies of scale that are extremely competitive in projects of this nature.


ATM Sistemas de Informação e Serviços, S.A. as the main mission of providing global solutions ranging from consulting and advising, to installation, support and maintenance of information systems, in terms of organizational improvement, procedural modernization, increased profitability and productivity growth of its customers, assuring them a permanent continuity of its activity or its business.


ATM Sistemas de Informação e Serviços also has a social and environmental vision and the desire to actively participate in building a better society thus contributing to the extent of its activities, for the improvement of social welfare, working conditions, environment, quality of health services and public governance in general.


ATM SIS has an Integrated Quality and Environmental Management certificate, by the EIC - International Certification Company, SA, in accordance with the NP EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 14001.
The effectiveness of a company is its organizational effectiveness.
The implementation of a Quality Management System defines ORGANIZATIONAL SYSTEM.