We safeguard the business of our customers, providing support and maintenance solutions. After contacting, our technicians aim to find the solution to your question or technical problem, either via telephone, remote access, or traveling to your facilities.
You can choose one of the following types of service:


This agreement provides a set of skills that can be used to suit your needs. Flexible service, without bureaucracy, easy to use, personalized and adaptable to your needs are some of the characteristics of this type of contract.


During working hour’s period will be available to take your call and help with information, answering questions or problems that may arise.


Regardless the type of malfunction of your equipment, you will be guaranteed by an SLA (Service Level Agreement). The agreed support, remote or in person, with or without response time hour limit and/or recovery of your equipment and with or without spare parts.


We dispose of a repair center in our facilities. If you need an electronic repair service for Hardware components or peripherals, do not hesitate to visit us. If you prefer, we will have at your disposal a team to collect and deliver the equipment on their premises, ensuring convenience and fast service.