Did you know that a simple virus can wipe out all the data on your computers? Each time there are more intrusions into networks, either private or public? Security is one of the fundamental points on which you should focus when are administered information systems, mainly in the corporate environment, where all the days are handled files with sensitive information. For such, installing a firewall software on company computers isn’t enough. We provide a wide range of solutions and services to ensure the security of your information and your work.


It is essential to ensure the protection and management of all enterprise data. Perform frequent data copies should be a measure used by all organizations.
If the original hard disk data is deleted, accidentally overwritten, or lost due to a hardware failure, you can easily restore the original data, through our Backup and Restore system.

The most common types of storage used for backups are:
  • Tape
  • Hard Drive
  • Cloud
  • Removable Disks
We will help you create a data backup and recovery solution for your company, making an assessment of infrastructures and needs that are required for a functioning of excellence.



With the use of this solution, we create and implement advanced mechanisms for the recovery of your business operations in the event of serious safety accidents or disasters that could endanger the technological infrastructure and all the information stored.

The main objective is to restore your business to normality in the shortest possible time, minimizing inconvenience to YOU and your customers.

For this to happen, this process consists of several steps:

  • Conduct a Company Profile survey
  • Assess the vulnerabilities and how the company will be affected in a given occurrence
  • Develop a recovery plan in the short and long term
  • Test and update the plan, following the business alterations


We guarantee the security of your information! To reduce security risks in your company, you need to reduce IT vulnerabilities.
The protection of your network begins with the use of proactive measures to protect the information of the workstations and servers. This guarantee is provided through firewall and antivirus solutions in order to control the internal and external exchanges of information.


Remote Access

Access Control Authentication

Network Invasions