Virtualization solutions have become a key platform for the development of an efficient strategy capable of reducing the cost and complexity of your IT environments. Virtualization ensures Organizations a wide cost reduction, and avoids associated problems such as periods of unavailability of services, loss of data or systems unresponsiveness. We center our activity in the conception, design and implementation of solutions, focused on virtualization. Our experience in providing engineering services and high-quality advisory services, allows our customers to meet the challenges of virtualization by adopting new technologies that guarantee a large cost savings to their organization.

Benefits of using these platforms:

  • Better use of existing infrastructure
  • Take advantage of as much as possible processing capacity of existing equipment running multiple services simultaneously
  • Cost Reduction
  • With multiple virtual systems running on the same physical machine, it reduces the need to purchase new equipment. Consequently, there is also a decrease in maintenance, power consumption and physical space and others.
  • Centralized management
  • Monitoring of running services more easily managed
  • Rapid implementation
  • A implementação de uma solução de Since the infrastructure exists, the implementation of the application is performed quickly
  • Secure environment for testing purposes
  • You can test a new system before it is implemented, thus reducing the risk of failure